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Irrigation Services

  • Irrigation System Audits and Assessments
  • Water Management
  • Irrigation Schedules
  • Landscape Assessments

Conduct audits, develop irrigation schedules and water management plans to comply with California Code of Regulations, Title 23. Waters, Division 2. Department of Water Resources, Chapter 2.7 Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance:

Irrigation Association Qualified Professionals qualified to:
  • Perform irrigation system audits to provide base-line information about the integrity and efficiency of irrigation system.
  • Conduct field tests to assess relationship between plant-water use, soils, and local weather data to calculate accurate water schedules to support healthy plant material and efficient use of water.
  • Identify ways to reduce landscape water use by incorporating the latest, most effective technologies; making adjustments to current irrigation system components. Develop management programs specific to your site.

Irrigation Resources:
Emitters-Example Placement (.pdf)
Soil Infiltration and Wetting Pattern (.pdf)